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On the accepted method for learning Quran

It should be noted that the right method to learn how to read Quran is by learning from well-informed Sheikhs. In turn, it is also a requirement for these Sheikhs to have studied themselves at the hands of well-informed Sheikhs up until the chain of narration reaches the companions of the Prophet peace be upon him. Therefore, simply looking at the Quran and reading from it without proper learning is not the way to study it, as the Prophet peace be upon him said: “إنما العلم بالتعلم والفقه بالتفقُّه” which means: “the accepted way of acquiring knowledge is by learning from those who have the knowledge”. The Prophet himself used to read Quran in front of the companions and to ask some of his companions to recite it in front of him.

The companions were knowledgeable and eloquent to the extent they did not need to repeat each time what they studied and heard from the Prophet, as far as reading Quran is concerned. However, the situation has changed following the era of the companions, more so in our days. Due to the general weakness in the Arabic language, it may not be sufficient for one of us to simply hear Quran in order to know how to recite it. We need to learn how to recite it from well-informed Sheikhs.

والله تعالى أعلم

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