Hopeless and depressed? Here are a few facts to help cure it the Islamic way

Sadness is a typical human emotion. We are all familiar with it; even our Prophets faced multiple episodes of sadness. For example, Prophet Jacob (يعقوب) wept until he lost his vision when his child Joseph (يوسف) was taken away from him. Our Prophet (محمد) experienced bouts of sadness upon the death of his wife Khadijah (خديجة) and his child Abraham (إبراهيم). Hence, sadness is not a sign of weakness nor a symptom of weak faith. Faith, however, equips us with the tools to combat depression and hopelessness. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging your grief, but you should never lose hope despite the pain and grief. If you feel yourself being chained down by your trials, or you feel stuck

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