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Registration ongoing for the following courses:

Children's program - Summer semester

Three integrated modules: Arabic language, Quran and Islamic culture. More details here
- Calendar: July 6 until August 10
- Schedule: twice a week - Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Adult course: CORAN 101 - Tajweed & Self-Purification (Tazkia)

Several time schedules are available - please get in touch with us for details

Adult course: ARABE 101 - Basic Arabic I - Arabic Language & Principles of Quran Recitation

Several time schedules are available - please get in touch with us for details


Kuttab Academy - Quran courses in Montreal

My Book


Basis of our program

Quality Quran teaching at a fraction of the cost!

  • Strong emphasis on correct pronunciation and accent (Tajweed)

  • Accessible to all, regardless of previous knowledge

  • Interpretation (Tafseer)

  • Inidividual memorization (Tahfeeth), each student on his own pace

Kuttab institue - Islamic knowledge courses in Montreal

My Heritage

(Islamic Practices)

Essential for practicing Quran

Great environment for character building which goes hand in hand with learning Quran!

  • Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

  • Prophetic sayings (Hadeeth) and Dua'

  • Islamic manners (Akhlaq)

  • Biography of the Prophet (Sirah)

  • Islamic history (Tareekh)

Kuttab Institute - Arabic language lessons

My Language (Arabic)

Essential for understanding Quran

Learn proper Arabic - the only way to understand Quran and enjoy its literary aspects!

  • Arabic grammar made easy

  • Wide range of vocabulary

  • Development of the 4 capacities: reading, writing, listening and speaking


Customer testimonial (satisfaction)


J'ai eu une excellente expérience avec les professeurs de l'Académie Kuttab. Leurs cours ont donné à mes enfants des informations très précieuses et leur ont aidé à construire leurs personnages.. Ma femme et moi on a suivi le cours du Coran et on a vraiment apprécié la précision et la persistance par rapport les règles du Tajwid. C'était vraiment utile ما شاء الله

Customer testimonial - Kuttab Montreal


Salam to you my teachers. I wanna thank u a lot for helping me learn  our holy book and our great Islamic culture. Thank u for all the encouragement and for all the follow up.

Customer satisfaction Kuttab Montreal

Mohammad & Lina

Great to see that Kuttab is in Montreal! Especially in Villeray! Kuttab has a great approach integration of Quran + language + Islamic culture. I know other Quran centers where the kids get to read Quran but they don't understand what they are reading. At Kuttab there is Tafseer and there is Arabic .. this allows the kids to learn a lot in little time. I definitely recommend Kuttab Academy to all parents!

Hand by the Sea


Mon nom est Khadijah. J'apprécie vraiment mon académie Kuttab pour plusieurs raisons. D'abord, j'apprends beaucoup de choses, que ce soit en coran ou en études arabes et islamiques. Une autre raison est que mes enseignants se soucient vraiment de moi et de mon éducation. Ils nous donnent des projets de recherche intéressants afin qu’on apprenne plus sur notre culture islamique.

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