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The Miracle of Quran

Amongst the proofs that the Prophet peace be upon is a messenger of God is the holy book of Quran. As a proof of his honesty, the Prophet challenged the non-believers of his time to come up with something which resembles the holy book, or even one Sourat of it. However, the non-believers were not able to do so. Indeed, not a sane man would say that these non-believers were capable of coming up with something similar to the verses of the holy book and they decided not to. This is the case because they were obsessed in defying him. Yet, they ultimately couldn’t and thus resorted to fighting him; thereby putting not just themselves at risk, but also their children and their belongings. Had the other way – which is coming up with something similar to Quran – been possible, they would have definitely taken that path instead of the more perilous one.

Many of the non-believers who were vastly fluent admitted to the supremacy of the holy book. For this, we shall present one example: Al-Bayhaqie narrated in his book “الاعتقاد” that Al-Walid ibn Al-Mugheera asked the Prophet peace be upon him to recite the Quran in front of him, so the Prophet recited the verse:

إن اللهَ يأمر بالعدلِ والإحسانِ وإيتاءِ ذِى القربى وينهَى عن الفَحشاء والمنكَر والبَغى يعظُكم لعلَّكم تذكَّرون

Al-Walid asked him to repeat the verse a second time; so he did. Al-Walid then said: “I swear to God, this is not something authored by a human being.” Then he told his people: “None of you know more about poetry than me, and I swear to

God, this book is supreme over all other literature.”

والله تعالى أعلم

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