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What Does The BEST Quran Course Look Like?

Given all the Quran courses available online, the question arises as to what are the characteristics of a good Quran course, or even what are the features of the BEST Quran course. Teachers at Kuttab Academy give their insight on some of the required characteristics that must be present:

- An experienced teacher who understands the rules of Tajweed, accompanies the student at his own learning pace, and maintains a good follow-up of the student's progress

- Clear objectives: It is important to agree on clear and achievable goals for recitation and memorization and to stick to them. A vague or overly ambitious program will prove to be a source of frustration for both the teacher and the student

- A quiet and secluded place that can be used without acoustic or visual distractions

- A group composed of several students, but not so large in order to be able to concentrate on the quality of pronunciation and accent

- Arabic language: a good course of Quran would include the explanation of the key concepts of Arabic language and pronunciation rules

- Some Tafseer: even when Tafseer is not the main objective of the course, it is very useful to explain to the student some of the verses he memorizes. Understanding the meanings is, in itself, a great motivator

Finally, it should be noted that for a Quran class to bear fruit completely, sincerity, concentration and collaboration are needed from the teacher and the student.

May God accept our deeds and increase our knowledge.

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