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Why learn Arabic WITH Quran Recitation Simultaneously

There are several reasons why Arabic non-speakers have a lot to gain by learning it together with Quran recitation. In this article, we elaborate on a few main advantages for you.

First, the Holy Quran contains a wide range of keywords and syntax. If you supplement your Arabic learning experience with practice through regular reading of the holy Quran, you are likely to both learn the Arabic language and understand the Quran at a faster rate.

Second, the Holy Quran covers different subjects which employ different linguistic styles and tones. For example, subjects relating to monotheism and creed employ synthesis, inference, Q&A, mental proofs, simplification and affirmation. On another hand, preaching employs storytelling, repetition, summarizing and deduction. By being exposed to different linguistic styles at the highest levels of eloquence, you will acquire the capacity to select the right wording for the context.

Third, learning the Quranic Arabic ensures that you will learn formal Arabic since the beginning won’t be stuck with the dialect of one Arab nation or the other.

Fourth, learning the Quranic Arabic from the beginning means that you should be immersed in an Arabic environment rather than resorting to Arabizi (Franco Arabic) or any form of transliteration all the time. When you are a beginner and you encounter a new word, it’s often hard to know how it’s pronounced unless you can hear it. This causes a lot of students to resort to transliteration. But this is a mistake, because if you always resort to transliteration, you’ll never improve at associating the image of that word with the sound and meaning. Transliteration is the lazy way out and will delay your progress significantly later on.

For those and other reasons our approach at Kuttab Academy is based on combining the learning of Quran and the Arabic language.

May God guide us to knowledge and success.

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