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The Tajwid program begins with the course of  “Tajweed of the Quran and Purification of the Soul”. The course has two components:

  1. Tajweed of Juz’ Tabarak (Juz’ #28):  the main rules of Tajweed will explained and extensively practiced through the recitation of Juz’ Tabarak. This will comprise 80% of the course.

  2. The course will also cover the main elements of soul purification through explaining the obligations and sins of the different body parts, such as the obligation and sins of the heart, those of the eyes, those of the hands, etc. in order to cover the main items that every muslim needs to have a pure sole and body.

After this course, the program will continue with Juzu’ Qad Sami^a (Juz’ #27) and so on so forth until finishing the whole Quran in the will of God (إن شاء الله), through the following courses *:

CORAN 101 – Tajweed & Purification of the Soul I

CORAN 102 – Tajweed & Purification of the Soul II

CORAN 201 – Quran Recitation & Selections of the Honorable Sunnah

CORAN 301 – Quran Recitation & Fiqh I (Tahara and Salah)

CORAN 302 – Quran Recitation & Fiqh II (Zakat , Siyam ,Hajj)

CORAN 303 – Quran Recitation & Fiqh III (Halal Transactions and Foods)

* Each course is comprised of one semester. Each semester is 4 months.

Arabic is the language of our holy book, the Quran. It is therefore important for every Muslim to understand its language and to know the basic rules for proper Quran recitation, i.e. the rules of Tajweed.

If you would like to learn Arabic but have no prior knowledge of this language, this course is designed for you! If you would like to learn Quran recitation but have little experience with the rules of Tajweed, this course is designed for you too!

You can find the course objectives by clicking on the button below. Proper pronunciation of Arabic will be practiced through pronunciation exercises as well as short Surahs of Juz’ ^Amma (Juz’ #30).

This course (ARABE 101- Basic Arabic I) is the first course in a program of seven courses *:

ARABE 101 – Basic Arabic I

ARABE 102 – Basic Arabic II

ARABE 201 – Fundamentals of Arabic  Grammar (Nahw) I

ARABE 202 – Fundamentals of Arabic Grammar (Nahw) II

ARABE 301 – Arabic Morphology (Sarf) I

ARABE 302 – Arabic Morphology (Sarf) II

ARABE 401 – Arabic Stylistics

* Each course is comprised of two semesters. Each semester is 4 months.

Explore the jewels of the Quran through systematic study of the interpretation of Juz’ ^Amma (#30)


This course is comprised of three core elements:

  1. (5%) Introduction to the science of Tafsir

  2. (80%) Tafsir of Juz’ ^Amma: For each verse, the following is explained: meanings of the Quranic words, general interpretation of the verse, connection of the verse to its Quranic context, occasion of revelation of the verse, and the spiritual guidance in the verse

  3. (15%) Recitation of juz’ ^Amma with focus on the rules of Tajwid


+ memorization of Juz’ ^Amma (optional)


The course will be followed by other courses of our Tafsir program:


TAFSIR 101: The jewels of the Quran - Through the interpretation of Juz’ ^Amma (#30)

TAFSIR 102: The jewels of the Quran - Through the interpretation of Juz’ Tabarak (#29)

TAFSIR 203: Tafsir Selections I – Sourat Yasin and Sourat Al-Kahf

TAFSIR 204: Tafsir Selections II – Quranic Dhikr (Kursiyy verse, Last two verses of Sourat Al-Baqarah, Sourat Sajdah, Musabbihat Sourats)

TAFSIR 301 – Quranic Sciences I

TAFSIR 302 – Quranic Sciences II

* Each course is comprised of one semester. Each semester is 4 months.

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Fees (donations):

  • No fees for Registration. No fees for Student Level Assessment

  • Course fee: 90$ / month



CORAN 101 - Course on Tajwid and Purification of the Soul

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ARABE 101 -

Course on Arabic Language and Principles of Quran Recitation


TAFSIR 101: The Jewels of the Quran - Interpretation of Juz’ ^Amma

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